Phasmophobia Evidence Tracker



These are the most common ghosts you will come across but still they are powerful and dangerous. You can usually discover them at one of their hunting grounds after an unexplained death.




Smudge Sticks to stop it from attacking for a long period of time.
Spirit Spirit Box Ghost Writing EMF 5
Wraith Spirit Box EMF 5 DOTS
Phantom Spirit Box Fingerprints DOTS
Poltergeist Spirit Box Fingerprints Ghost Writing
Banshee Fingerprints Ghost Orbs DOTS
Jinn Fingerprints Freezing Temperature EMF 5
Mare Spirit Box Ghost Writing Ghost Orbs
Revenant Ghost Writing Freezing Temperature Ghost Orbs
Shade Ghost Writing Freezing Temperature EMF 5
Demon Fingerprints Ghost Writing Freezing Temperature
Yurei Freezing Temperature Ghost Orbs DOTS
Oni Freezing Temperature EMF 5 DOTS
Yokai Spirit Box Ghost Orbs DOTS
Hantu Fingerprints Freezing Temperature Ghost Orbs
Goryo Fingerprints EMF 5 DOTS
Myling Fingerprints Ghost Writing EMF 5
The Twins Spirit Box Freezing Temperature EMF 5
Onryo Spirit Box Freezing Temperature Ghost Orbs
Obake Fingerprints EMF 5 Ghost Orbs
Raiju EMF 5 Ghost Orbs DOTS
The Mimic Spirit Box Fingerprints Freezing Temperature
Moroi Spirit Box Ghost Writing Freezing Temperature
Deogen Spirit Box Ghost Writing DOTS
Thaye Ghost Writing Ghost Orbs DOTS